MCQ on Biomass Energy For NEET 2020

Energy from living is biomass energy. It is organic and is produced from material obtained from living entities – animals and plants. Most common forms of biomass materials are wood, plants and wastes which are known as biomass feedstocks.

1. Biomass is used in the production of

(a) fibers

(b) chemicals

(c) transportation fuels

(d) biochemicals

Answer: (c)

2. Production of bio ethanol is through fermentation of ________ and starch components

(a) alcohol

(b) sugar

(c) milk

(d) acid

Answer: (b)

3. This is also called as a bio gas

(a) bio butanol

(b) biodiesel

(c) bio ethanol

(d) bio methane

Answer: (d)

4. In bio methane, the percentage of carbon dioxide is

(a) 55-60

(b) 35-45

(c) 30-40

(d) 32-43

Answer: (d)

5. By-products generated during rectification of bio ethanol is utilized as

(a) sheep feed

(b) cow feed

(c) dog feed

(d) pig feed

Answer: (c)

6. Bio ethanol is mixed with ________ to prepare transport fuel

(a) oil

(b) petrol

(c) kerosene

(d) diesel

Answer: (b)

7. Bio ethanol is denatured alcohol, also referred to as

(a) methylene

(b) ethylene

(c) ethylene glycol

(d) methylated spirit

Answer: (d)

8. This forestry material is used as biomass

(a) fish oil

(b) logging residues

(c) manure

(d) tallow

Answer: (b)

9. The aerobic digestion of sewage is utilized in the production of

(a) metal articles

(b) bio fuels

(c) biomass

(d) synthetic fuels

Answer: (b)

10. This is an example of starch crops biomass feed stocks

(a) corn stover

(b) wheat straw

(c) orchard prunings

(d) sugar cane

Answer: (d)

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