MCQs on Diffusion For NEET 2020

Movement of molecules from an area that is highly concentrated to a region that is lower in concentration down through the concentration gradient is diffusion. Here, molecules unite due to kinetic energy of random motion. The process of diffusion takes place in gases and liquids as their molecules move in a random motion. Molecules are in motion until the concentration level at both the higher and lower level equalizes in the medium.

1. Phenomena through which water is absorbed by solids such as colloids leading them to increase in volume is

(a) diffusion

(b) imbibition

(c) facilitated diffusion

(d) osmosis

Answer: (a)

2. In older dying leaves to younger leaves, the mineral ions are assimilated into

(a) deposition of organic and inorganic compounds

(b) organic compound

(c) inorganic compounds

(d) none of these

Answer: (b)

3. Passage of water across a selectively permeable membrane is

(a) osmosis

(b) active transport

(c) facilitated diffusion

(d) pinocytosis

Answer: (a)

4. Wall pressure will______________ with rise in turgidity

(a) increase

(b) decrease

(c) remain unaffected

(d) fluctuate

Answer: (b)

5. Most effective light for stomatal opening is

(a) Red

(b) Blue

(c) Green

(d) Yellow

Answer: (b)

6. Diffusion of water through selectively permeable membrane is

(a) osmosis

(b) imbibition

(c) translocation

(d) diffusion

Answer: (a)

7. Water is forcefully pushed beyond endodermis of the root through the process of

(a) diffusion

(b) transmembrane transport

(c) symplast pathway

(d) apoplast pathway

Answer: (b)

8. Transpiration is a phenomena pertaining to

(a) Activated transport

(b) Diffusion

(c) Osmosis

(d) Facilitated diffusion

Answer: (b)

9. When placed in water, raisins swell up as a result of

(a) Adsorption

(b) Plasmolysis

(c) Endosmosis

(d) Diffusion

Answer: (d)

10. A bottle filled with previously moistened mustard seeds and water was screw-capped tightly and placed in a corner. After 30 minutes, it suddenly blew up. This is the process involved

(a) DPD

(b) Osmosis

(c) Imbibition

(d) Diffusion

Answer: (c)

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