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MCQs on Bioenergy For NEET

Gas and electricity generated from organic matter is bioenergy. It ranges from timber, plants to food wastes and agricultural residues. It converts transport fuels generated from organic substances. Feedstocks can be particularly grown for their energy. Bioenergy is obtained from biomass. Usage ranges from cooling, heating, electricity to transport. It is used in liquid form, namely biofuels, in gaseous states such as biogas or in solid forms as seen while burning wood for energy.

1. A good alternative to biogas is

(a) Charcoal

(b) Coal

(c) Oil and petroleum

(d) Fuel wood

Answer: (d)

2. Pick the incorrect pair

(a) Ethanol used as gasoline

(b) Biogas produced from dung

(c) Animal energy used most efficiently

(d) Latex source of liquid hydrocarbons

Answer: (c)

3. Natural gas, petrol and coal are this type of fuel

(a) liquid fuels

(b) fossil fuels

(c) electrical fuels

(d) biofuels

Answer: (b)

4. Solar energy transducer is

(a) Chlorella

(b) Orobanche

(c) Rhizobium

(d) Agaricus

Answer: (a)

5. An ideal good fuel can be attained from

(a) Mangifera indica

(b) Michelia excelsa

(c) Dalbergia sissoo

(d) Bauhinia racemosa

Answer: (c)

6. Non-renewable resource is

(a) minerals and animals

(b) plants and animals

(c) minerals and fossils

(d) fishes and planktons

Answer: (c)

7. Petroplants was recognized first by

(a) M.Calvin

(b) Slack and Hatch

(c) Darwin

(d) Lamarck

Answer: (a)

8. Maximum energy can be extracted from wood through

(a) Cracking

(b) Gasification

(c) Direct burning

(d) Biomass

Answer: (b)

9. This is a major source of liquid hydrocarbon

(a) Solanum tuberosum

(b) Euphorbia antisyphilitica

(c) Cocos nucifera

(d) Calotropis gigantea

Answer: (b)

10. These bacterial groups are exploited in the production of biogas

(a) Eubacteria

(b) Organotrophs

(c) Methanotrophs

(d) Methanogens

Answer: (a)

Bioenergy is the oldest form of energy that was used by humans. You just read and solved some questions on bioenergy topic. Want to learn questions on other important topics for NEET? Visit us at BYJU’S NEET for more information.

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