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MCQ on Apoptosis For NEET 2021

A cell can die either due to apoptosis or necrosis. A type of programmed cell death is observed in multicellular organisms known as apoptosis. The cell reaches this stage as a result of biochemical changes occurring within it. Some of these changes are shrinking of cells, blebbing, chromosomal DNA fragmentation, chromatin condensation, global mRNA decay and so on. The phenomena of apoptosis, compared to necrosis is a predictable and controlled routine.

1. This is an extracellular messenger of apoptosis

(a) tumor necrosis factor

(b) serine

(c) translation inhibitor

(d) ribozyme

Answer: (a)

2. This is concerned with the intrinsic pathway of apoptosis

(a) cytochrome d

(b) cytochrome c

(c) cytochrome b

(d) cytochrome a

Answer: (b)

3. Apoptotic bodies can be recognized with the presence of these on the surface

(a) phosphatidyl tyrosine

(b) phosphatidylinositol

(c) phosphatidylcholine

(d) phosphatidylserine

Answer: (d)

4. Apoptotic cells detach due to the inactivation of this

(a) PKC

(b) PKB

(c) RAF1

(d) FAK

Answer: (d)

5. Shrinking of the nucleus is caused when this inactivates

(a) gelsolin

(b) tubulin

(c) actin

(d) lamin

Answer: (d)

6. This cell organelle participates actively in animal apoptosis

(a) nucleus

(b) vacuoles

(c) mitochondria

(d) chloroplast

Answer: (c)

7. This can stimulate cytochrome release from mitochondria

(a) Akt

(b) Bid

(c) Bad

(d) Smac

Answer: (b)

8. This cannot be killed by apoptosis

(a) immune cells

(b) cells with DNA damage

(c) cancer cells

(d) a cell infected with viruses

Answer: (c)

9. This is an anti-apoptotic protein

(a) Bim

(b) Bcl-Xs

(c) Bfl 1

(d) NOXA

Answer: (c)

10. This is an active cell death process

(a) necrosis

(b) lysis

(c) apoptosis

(d) senescence

Answer: (c)

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