MCQs on Lymphocytes For NEET

Lymphocytes are constantly produced by the bone marrow. Some of these enter the bloodstream while some into the lymphatic system. This system comprises organs and tissues such as lymph nodes, tonsils and spleen protecting the body from infections. Close to 25% of newly synthesized lymphocytes stay in the bone marrow turning into the B cells while the 75% remaining cells pass into the thymus becoming T cells.

1. Lymphocytes are of two types, they are

(a) T-cells and erythrocytes

(b) Erythrocytes and Platelets

(c) T-cells and Platelets

(d) T-cells and B-cells

Answer: (d)

2. Which of these immune cells are able to quickly respond post any subsequent encounter with the same antigen?

(a) helper T cells

(b) memory cells

(c) plasma cells

(d) basophil

Answer: (b)

3. Basophils, eosinophils and Neutrophils are referred to as

(a) Platelets

(b) Astocytomas

(c) Granulocytes

(d) Buffers

Answer: (c)

4. Cytotoxic T cells destroy the target cells

(a) through injection of tumor necrosis factor

(b) by phagocytosis

(c) through insertion of perforins into the target’s membrane

(d) by releasing oxidizing agents

Answer: (c)

5. This is not a cardinal sign of inflammation

(a) redness

(b) heat

(c) swelling and pain

(d) opsonization

Answer: (d)

6. ___________ are released in the respiratory burst having the potent of cell-killing ability

(a) histamines

(b) neutrophils

(c) free radicals

(d) platelets-derived growth factors

Answer: (c)

7. The phenomena that initiates when a helper T cell binds with a class II MHC protein on a displaying cell is referred to as

(a) T cell proliferation

(b) costimulation

(c) self-antigen recognition

(d) antigen proliferation

Answer: (b)

8. The lymphocytes which can develop immunocompetence in the thymus is

(a) B lymphocytes

(b) T lymphocytes

(c) NK cells

(d) None of these

Answer: (b)

9. An immune response when provoked by a nonself particle is known as

(a) immunoglobulin

(b) antibody

(c) antigen

(d) interferon

Answer: (c)

10. The only blood cells which are not viewed as a part of the immune system are

(a) fat cells

(b) glial cells

(c) osteocytes

(d) red blood cells

Answer: (d)

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