Pinus Questions With Answers For NEET

Pine is a conifer belonging to the family Pinaceae. They are lofty, perennial trees with spiral branches exhibiting a conical resemblance. The body of this plant is segregated into stem, roots and leaves (needle-like). Learn important questions on Pinus for NEET. Solutions are made available too.

1. “Chilgoza” a popular dry fruit is a production of

(a) Pinus gerardiana

(b) Pinus sylvestris

(c) Pinus roxburghii

(d) Pinus monophylla

Answer: (a)

2. Mesophyll tissue of Pinus needle is composed of

(a) Spongy parenchyma

(b) Armed parenchyma

(c) Chlorenchyma

(d) Transfusion tissue

Answer: (a)

3. Male gametophytes of Pinus is

(a) 2 celled

(b) 4 celled

(c) 6 celled

(d) 10 celled

Answer: (b)

4. This is how we can characterize the secondary wood of Pinus

(a) vessels are present

(b) resin ducts are absent

(c) resin ducts are present

(d) resin cells are present

Answer: (c)

5. This is a correct statement about Pinus

(a) forms deciduous trees in temperate areas

(b) exhibits xerophytic character and grows in deserts

(c) cosmopolitan in distribution

(d) is of economic value

Answer: (d)

6. Formation of non-motile male gametes is observed in

(a) Fern

(b) Pinus

(c) Funaria

(d) Selaginella

Answer: (b)

7. Winged seeds are present in

(a) Pinus

(b) Cycas

(c) Papaver species

(d) None of these

Answer: (a)

8. Meroblastic kind of embryo development occurs in

(a) Pinus

(b) Ferns

(c) Selaginella

(d) All of these

Answer: (a)

9. This is the best explanation for the pyramidal shape (excurrent) of Pinus (branches producing the appearance of a tall cone)

(a) influence of auxins on the development of stem tips

(b) water efficiently transported from ground to leaves

(c) adapting to wind pollination

(d) competition for sunlight amongst adjoining trees

Answer: (c)

10. These possess needle-like foliage leaves

(a) Pinus

(b) Fern

(c) Selaginella

(d) Mosses

Answer: (a)

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