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NMTC 2022

The National Mathematics Talent Contest, commonly known as NMTC, is a popular test in the field of Mathematics. This contest is conducted by the Association of Mathematics Teachers of India (AMTI) and is held at a national level. NMTC is carried out with one sole aim –  “to find and encourage students who have the ability for original and creative thinking, preparedness to tackle unknown and non-routine problems having a general mathematical ability suitable to their level.” 

Who can participate in this contest? Students from schools, junior colleges of all boards, degree colleges and technological institutions in India can take part in it. Further details are given below.

NMTC 2022 Important Dates


Last Date to Fill Out the Online Application Form with Fees


1st October 2022


Stage 1 Preliminary Exam Date


15th October 2022 (2 pm to 4 pm)


Stage 1 Results Announcement


25th November 2022


Stage 2 Final Test Exam Date


7th January 2023 (1 pm to 4 pm)


Stage 2 Results Announcement


2nd Week of April 2023 (out)

NMTC Exam Details

The examination is conducted in two stages.

Stage 1 (Preliminary Test)

The Preliminary test will be conducted at the participating schools. AMTI will send the question paper on the day of the test. The Principal or the authorised person will be the centre in charge of  conducting the examinations. The top 10% of students, based on their performance in the Preliminary test, will be selected by the respective schools. The Preliminary test is of 2 hours duration. It is an objective type test for primary, sub-junior, junior and inter levels. The evaluation of the objective-type papers will be done by the respective institutions as per the key given by the AMTI. 

Stage 2 (Final Test)

Those who are selected at the Preliminary level can appear for the Final test. The duration of the Final test is 3 hours. It consists of subjective-type questions. The second-level tests will be held only at the centres authorised by the AMTI.

NMTC Registration

The NMTC registration is done directly from the official website. All applications and registration for NMTC will be carried out online via the ( website.  The school have to fill up both Institution-Data Consolidation Sheet and Excel format. Then, it should be sent to AMTI through email, along with the details of the fee transfer. The open quota registration is not entertained.

The payment of the application fee will also be online. The registration fee is Rs. 150/- per candidate. 

NMTC Levels and Eligibility Criteria

NMTC has a total of five levels that are mainly defined in accordance with the academic level of the students. The details are as follows.

Primary Gauss Contest V and VI Standard Students
Sub-junior Kaprekar Contest VII and VIII Standard Students
Junior Bhaskara Contest IX and X Standard Students
Inter Ramanujan Contest XI and XII Standard Students
Senior Aryabhata Contest Students studying degree courses in arts, science and technical Institutions

NMTC Syllabus

Students are recommended to refer to the syllabus for NMTC 2022. The NMTC 2022 syllabus is given below. 

NMTC Syllabus for Classes V and VI (Primary)

Arithmetic Fractions, percentages, profit and loss, tests of divisibility, LCM, HCF, ratio and proportion, calendar
Mensuration Triangles, quadrilaterals, circles
Algebra Algebra as literal arithmetic, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of simple arithmetic expressions
Geometry Straight lines, parallel lines, angle properties of triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons

NMTC Syllabus for Classes VII and VIII (Sub-junior)

All the topics for primary are also included in the NMTC 2022 syllabus of the sub-junior.

Mensuration Three-dimensional: cube, cuboid, sphere, cone, cylinder, and pyramid
Arithmetic Square roots and cube roots, allegation, average, time and work, time and distance, races, games of skill, and travelling around a circle
Number theory Prime and composite numbers, and divisibility
Geometry Triangle inequalities, parallelograms, trapezoids, and Pythagoras theorem
Algebra Algebraic equations of degree 1 and degree 2, algebraic identities, factorisation of algebraic expressions, laws of indices, and basics of surds

NMTC Syllabus for Class IX and X (Junior)

All the topics for primary and sub-junior levels are also included in the NMTC 2022 syllabus of the junior.

Algebra Quadratic and higher degree algebraic equations, remainder theorem, logarithms, sequences and series, scales of notations, mathematical induction, and basic inequalities
Number theory Modular arithmetic, greatest integer function, and least integer functions
Geometry Circle theorems, chords, arcs, angles in segments, cyclic quadrilaterals, tangents, alternate segment theorem, intersecting chord theorem, Apollonius theorem, and Stewart’s theorem.
Combinatorics Fundamental principle of counting, basics of permutations and combinations, the principle of inclusion and exclusion, and pigeon hole principle

NMTC Syllabus for Class XI and XII (Inter)

The NMTC 2022 syllabus of Classes 11 and 12 includes all the topics for primary, sub-junior, junior and the following.

Algebra Polynomials, inequalities (C-S inequality), and functional equations
Number theory Fermat and Wilson theorem, Diophantine equations
Geometry Trigonometric, vector, coordinate geometric and complex number methods may be used
Combinatorics Counting techniques and recurrence relations.

NMTC Syllabus for Degree Classes in Arts, Science & Technical Colleges (Senior)

The syllabus of BSc Maths is followed for the senior category.

NMTC Exam Pattern

Stage 1, or the Preliminary test of NMTC, will mainly consist of objective-type questions and will be a mixture of multiple choices and fill-in-the-blanks format.

Stage 2, or the Final test, will mostly consist of subjective questions where students are expected to write the complete answers for each question.

Problems pertaining to the concepts given in the syllabus will basically be of a non-routine type, and their difficulty level will increase from RMO to INMO to IMO standard.

However, the standard of the questions will be class appropriate, but they will require original thinking. Questions in primary and sub-junior will test the students’ clear understanding of the concepts learnt in their classes. Junior and inter will be more difficult because it is expected that students of these classes are ready to face PRMO and RMO. So, they should have a fundamental knowledge of all the topics.

NMTC Medium of Exam

The medium will only be in ENGLISH (for all levels). In previous years, NMTC was conducted in eight different language mediums. The paper was set in English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil or Telugu.

NMTC Awards

Cash awards and merit certificates are offered to the top 3 winners in each level in the finals. 1st position will receive Rs.5000/-, 2nd position will get Rs.2500/- and 3rd position will be awarded Rs. 1250/-. Additionally, merit certificates with a token cash award are also given to others selected at the Final level. This will be based on their revealing a fair level of mathematical knowledge. Enrichment contact courses are also likely to be organised for promising toppers.

Points to Remember

  • Carefully read the details of 2022-23 NMTC.
  • Fill out the application form with the correct details.
  • Make the online payment to complete the registration.
  • Keep checking the official website for the latest updates on NMTC 2022.

Recommended Books for NMTC

The following are some books recommended for NMTC preparation.

Book Name Author
Problem Solving Strategies  Arthur Engel
Combinatorics for Mathematical Olympiads  Dr. S. Muralidaran
Mathematical Circles (Russian Experience) Dmitri et al
Olympiad Maths M.K. Singhal and A.R. Singhal
Elements of Geometry (Part I – VI) S. Barnard, and J.M. Child
Elementary Algebra H.S. Hall and S.R. Knight
Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics V. Krishnamurthy
Adventures in Problem Solving Shirali Shailesh

Other National and International Level Olympiads and Exams

NTSE National Talent Search Examination
NSTSE National Science Talent Search Examination
KVPY Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana
PRMO Pre-Regional Mathematical Olympiad
RMO Regional Math Olympiad
IOQ Indian Olympiad Qualifier

Frequently Asked Questions on NMTC


When will the NMTC 2022 be conducted?

The stage 1 Preliminary exam will be conducted on 15th October 2022, and the stage 2 Final test will be conducted on 7th January 2023.


What is the NMTC exam?

The NMTC, or National Mathematics Talent Contest, is a national-level competitive exam conducted by the AMTI (Association of Mathematics Teachers of India).


Who can participate in the NMTC?

Students of schools, degree colleges, junior colleges of all boards, and technical institutions in India can participate in the NMTC.


What is the exam fee for the NMTC 2022?

The exam fee for the NMTC 2022 is INR 150.


How to apply for the NMTC?

The online application link is given on the official website. The school should fill out both Institution-Data Consolidation Sheet and Excel format. Then send it to AMTI via email, along with the details of the fee transfer.


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