NEET 2016 – Phase 2 Analysis

NEET 2016

NEET Phase 2 was conducted on 24th July 2016, by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Around 5 lac people wrote NEET phase 2 of which nearly 3.4 lacs were NEET Phase 1 aspirants who forfeited their Phase 1 score to write Phase 2. NEET Phase 2 was conducted across various centers.

Various medical aspirants found NEET Phase 2 tougher than NEET Phase 1. Though nothing came out of the NCERT syllabus and students who strictly followed, NCERT books found it easy.

NEET phase 2 paper could broadly be classified as a paper of average level of difficulty. There were a lot of easy questions and it all dependent on how well a student could pick and do it well. Out of the three topics, Physics can be classified as slightly tougher while organic chemistry threw a few surprises. Barring these, the paper was widely do-able for most students with good preparation.

NEET Phase 2 – Analysis of Physics Paper

Physics is usually the toughest section, and this time too, it was tough. The entire section was calculative and lengthy, the level of paper was tough. Though not all the questions were from NCERT level, candidates who were capable of application based learning, could easily solve it.

A total of 22 questions were asked from CBSE Class 11 Syllabus, and 23 questions were from CBSE Class 12.

NEET 2016
NEET Phase 2 – Analysis of Chemistry Paper

Chemistry paper of NEET Phase 2 was tougher than NEET Phase 1. A few questions were out of syllabus, and particularly Organic Chemistry proved to be tricky. Though the entire curriculum was not covered, chapters like Environmental Chemistry and Chemistry in Everyday Life were excluded.

A total of 21 questions were asked from CBSE Class 11 Syllabus, and 24 questions were from CBSE Class 12.

NEET 2016


NEET Phase 2 – Analysis of Biology Paper

Biology was a standard paper with all the essential chapters covered. The questions were a perfect blend of easy, moderate and difficult questions. Many students could perceive it well a question was asked out of the syllabus, everything else was from NCERT curriculum.

NEET 2016


The Parliament passed a bill mandating the conduction of a single common entrance exam for Medical and dental courses, which is valid for all the private colleges. Many students felt that it was unfair, as a mere two months were given to prepare for NEET Phase 2, with no option of a back-up.

NEET Phase 2 – Paper Pattern

The pattern of Phase 2 continued to be the same as NEET Phase 1. NEET Phase 2 consisted of a total of 180 multiple choice questions, with 45 questions in each section, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany + Zoology). The total marks are 720, 4 for each question and a negative marking of 1 for an incorrect response

Physics 45 180
Chemistry 45 180
Botany 45 180
Zoology 45 180
TOTAL 180 720

The results of NEET Phase 2 are expected on 17 August, 2016.

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