NEET 2019 Paper Analysis Topic Wise

NEET 2019 Analysis brings to students a detailed report after careful analysis by academic experts in NEET. It assists students with their preparation and comprehends the difficulty level of the question paper, thereby predicting cutoffs for the same academic year.

With NEET 2019 Analysis, students can refer to the feedback obtained from students who have taken up NEET in the previous years. Along with this, analysis can also help one can with learning the distribution of questions section-wise.

Many renowned coaching institutes for NEET release the question paper analysis soon after the conclusion of the exam. Students can find the analysis updated here.

NEET 2019 Question Paper Analysis

Experts with proficient knowledge suggest that NEET 2019 question paper fared average on the difficulty meter. In particular, the Biology section was found to be the easiest by the students. Students expected the cut-off to be in the range of 130-140 marks. Physics was lengthy and the chemistry section was not that time-consuming, but fared moderately difficult on the difficulty meter. The paper had 24 codes all in all, whereas NEET 2018 paper had 20 codes. These numbers only go on to indicate that the NTA conducted the exams at higher levels of security that were operational in order for exams to be conducted with the utmost transparency

All in all, students had mixed reactions when it came to sharing the experience of facing NEET 2019 where some candidates were happy with the level of questions that appeared, and some others found most questions challenging. But, as questions were NCERT based, the Biology and Chemistry sections could be easily tackled with a decent level of preparation.

NEET Paper Analysis 2019 – Highlights

  • NTA (National testing Agency) conducted NEET 2019 on 5th May 2019 with the result being declared on 5th June 2019
  • This pen and paper test was conducted across 154 cities for admissions to national and state-level colleges exclusive of AIIMS & JIPMER
  • Approximately 15.19 lakh students registered to participate in the exam out of which 7,95,031 cleared the exam
  • The exam was conducted for 720 marks with a total of 180 questions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology section
  • The highest mark scored in NEET 2019 was 701 marks while the qualifying score for general category was 133
  • Every correct response would fetch 4 marks while every incorrect response would cost students one mark

NEET 2019 Paper Analysis – Overall Distribution of Marks

NEET 2019 paper had 180 objective type questions with 45 questions each from Physics and Chemistry section and 90 questions from Biology section comprising Botany and Zoology.

Class-wise Distribution of Questions Asked

The graph provided below will help students to analyse the number of questions and hence the total marks from each class 11 & 12 for each subject.

NEET 2019 – Physics

A total of 45 questions were asked in the Physics section, out of which 26 questions were from class 12 while only 19 questions were from class 11.

NEET 2019 - Physics

NEET 2019 – Chemistry

In chemistry again, 45 questions were asked, carrying 180 marks in total. Out of these questions, 22 questions were picked from class 12 syllabus while 23 questions appeared from class 11 syllabus.

NEET 2019 - Chemistry

NEET 2019 – Botany

Botany section comprised 49 questions with a total of 196 marks this time. 20 questions were asked from class 12 while 29 questions appeared from class 11 syllabus.

NEET 2019 - Botany

NEET 2019 – Zoology

Botany and zoology section together make up for 360 marks, 90 questions. Zoology section holds 41 questions in NEET 2019 wherein 19 questions appeared from class 11 while the remaining 22 questions appeared from class 12.

NEET 2019 - Zoology

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NEET 2019 Paper Analysis – Overall Difficulty Level

The graph below depicts the range of difficulty level of different sections.

  • In Physics, majority questions were of moderate level and could be tackled, while 4 questions were rather tough. None of the questions in this section was easy. Students found this section to be time-consuming
  • Chemistry section, as discussed, was scoring wherein 35 questions were easily answerable, while only 10 questions were average. Note that none of the questions were tough.
  • In the Biology section, out of 90 questions, nearly 14 questions were easy while 71 questions fared average and 5 questions were tough to answer.

NEET 2019 Paper Analysis - Overall Difficulty Level

NEET 2019 Paper Analysis Subject Wise – Physics

Physics section was the toughest amongst the rest, it was lengthy, involving calculations and tricky. The physics section covered almost all chapters. As seen, no easy question was asked, more than 85% questions were categorized as moderate, rest were tough ones. 19 questions were asked from class 11 while 26 questions appeared from class 12.

Take a look at the distribution of marks topic-wise to understand which important topics appeared.

Marks-distribution, topic wise

Topic No. Of Questions Topic No. Of Questions
Mechanics 17 Modern Physics 6
Magnetism, magnetic effects of current and AC 5 Electrostatics & Capacitor 4
Ray & Wave Optics 4 Heat & Thermodynamics 3
Properties of matter 3 Current Electricity 3

NEET 2019 Paper Analysis Subject Wise – Chemistry

NEET 2019 Chemistry section had most of the questions requiring conceptual clarity and some were application-based questions. Chemistry was scoring a section with nearly 35 questions being easy and 10 being moderate, while none of the questions were tough. 22 questions were asked from class 12 syllabus and 23 questions from class 11. If a student had followed NCERT completely with absolute conceptual clarity, this section would seem smooth.

The table below depicts the distribution of questions asked between different sub-sections of Chemistry, take a look.

Topic No. Of Questions
Inorganic Chemistry 14
Organic Chemistry 12
Physical Chemistry 19

NEET 2019 Paper Analysis Subject Wise – Biology

Biology was the easiest of all sections in the NEET 2019 Question paper. Predominantly, the biology section was NCERT based. Nearly 14 questions were easy, while 71 questions were average and 5 questions out of 90 questions were found to be challenging. Most of the questions fared average on the difficulty meter, hence could be tackled comfortably with even a decent preparation.

The table shows the topic-wise distribution of questions:

Topic No. Of Questions Topic No. Of Questions
Plant diversity 5 Human Physiology 14
Animal Diversity 2 Reproduction in plants 4
Plant Morphology 1 Human reproduction & Reproductive health 5
Plant Anatomy 3 Genetics & Molecular Biology 10
Structural organization in animals 2 Evolution 3
Cell Biology and Division 7 Human health & diseases 4
Biomolecule 2 Strategies of enhancement in food production 1
Plant physiology 9 Microbes in human welfare 5
Biotechnology 5 Ecology 8

All in all, it was an average level paper as per NEET standards. The highest marks scored in NEET 2019 was a whopping 701 out of a total 720 marks by Nalin Khandelwal hailing from Rajasthan. This was a detailed analysis of NEET 2019 Question paper. Visit BYJU’S for more NEET related information.

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