CBSE Class 8 Science Notes

CBSE Notes of Class 8 Science aims to help students develop an understanding and evaluation of several basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Due to the vastness of the syllabus, most students find it cumbersome to study chapters directly from the textbooks prescribed by their school. Most of the time, students blindly read the entire topic without understanding a single word. Instead of that, if the students are preparing any concept from properly and precisely designed study CBSE Class 8 notes, then their brain will basically understand the conceptual meaning of each and every sentence quite effectively.

BYJU’S bring you CBSE Class 8 Science notes, which will enable students to study smartly and get a clear idea about each and every concept discussed in their syllabus. These CBSE Notes will help students to get a complete overview of all the chapters quickly along with other information. The notes also contain neatly illustrated examples for easy revision of the important topics. All in all, students can boost their exam preparation by using these well-crafted Science notes and even score higher marks in the exams.

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 8 Science: Notes

What are ‘Microorganisms’?

An organism that can be seen only through a microscope. Microorganisms include bacteria, protozoa, algae and fungi.

What is an ‘Electric current’?

Any movement of electric charge carriers is called as an electric current.

What is ‘Natural phenomena’?

A natural phenomenon is an observable event which is not man-made.

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