CBSE Class 8 Science Notes

CBSE curriculum of Class 8 Science aims at developing in students an understanding and evaluation of several basic concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology. Due to the vastness of syllabus, most of the students find it cumbersome to study chapters directly from the textbooks prescribed by their school. Mostly the students blindly read the entire topic without understanding a single word. Instead of that, if the students are preparing any concept from properly and precisely designed study notes then their brain will try to squeeze conceptual meaning out of each and every sentence quite effectively.

Byju’s bring you NCERT class 8 science notes pdf where the students can easily prepare each and every concept related to their class 8 science syllabus in a much better and effective ways. Key Notes for class 8 science are given here that covers each and every topic included in class 8 science book. These notes will help the students to get an overview of all the chapters instantly along with the detailed summary and important formulas. These are valuable summary notes with neatly illustrated examples for best revision of class 8 science book. The students can boost their exam preparations by referring to class 8 science notes CBSE from the links mentioned below.

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In Mendel's experiments with garden pea, round seed shape (RR) was dominant over wrinkled seeds (rr), yellow cotyledon (YY) was dominant over green cotyledon (yy). What are the expected phenotypes in the F2 generation of the cross RRYY×rryy?