Pollution Of Air And Water Class 8 Notes - Chapter 18

In chapter 18 of class 8 science, we study the harmful changes taking place in our surroundings and their effects on our lives. The substance that contaminates air and water are known as pollutants. Air gets polluted from natural sources smoke and dust arising from forest fires or volcanic eruptions. Pollutants such as power plant and automobile exhaust and burning of firewood are man-made pollutants. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, methane and sulphur dioxide are the major pollutants of air. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide lead to global warming.

The contamination of water is known as water pollution. Water pollutants include industrial wastes, sewage and agricultural chemicals. Water that is purified and is drinkable is known as potable water. Water is precious and proper measures should be taken care of to conserve it.

Pollution Of Air And Water Class 8 Questions

  1. At an individual level, how can you help reduce air pollution?
  2. What are the different ways in which water gets contaminated?
  3. Describe the threat to the beauty of the Taj Mahal.
  4. Describe the ‘Green House Effect’ in your own words.
  5. Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas?
    1. Carbon dioxide
    2. Sulphur dioxide
    3. Methane
    4. Nitrogen

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