CBSE Class 6 Social Science Notes

Class 6 embark on a new journey in the education life of a student. In this standard, they welcome new challenges and changes. It is a year of significant transition for students as they use the skills they have previously learned. Students of Class 6 in their Social Science subject learn about historical events within a context and as related to things such as geography and social and political factors. Students will also get to learn about topics like ancient and global civilizations to gain a deeper understanding of history.

To help students, we at BYJU’S have compiled Social Science notes of all their sub-subjects History, Geography and Civics. These CBSE Class 6 notes of Social Science are very useful at the time of revision. By going through these notes, students will recall the concepts they have learned. Thus, it will save their time during exams and they will also get important topics compiled in one place.

In the table mentioned below, we have compiled CBSE Class 6 Social Science notes of all sub-subjects History, Geography, and Civics. These notes are written by a team of subject matter experts.

Benefits of studying CBSE Class 6 Social Science notes

  • It will help students in revising the entire subject quickly.
  • It covers all the important topics and concepts as mentioned in the chapters.
  • These notes are prepared in a lucid manner so that students can understand them easily.
  • It is considered as a useful resource to prepare effectively for the upcoming board exam.
  • By going through these notes, students can understand which topic they need to stress more on.

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