CBSE Science Experiments for Classes 6 to 8

Science ExperimentsWe see Science all around us. Things like Science experiments, reactions happen in our daily life.  It is not just limited to an observatory or a classroom. There are a lot of exciting CBSE Science experiments that requires nothing more than just your household materials.

If you are interested in discovering the fun side of Science with simple yet interesting experiments or looking out for science experiments for your children, then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the Science experiments for CBSE students in the field of Physics, Biology and Chemistry with the proper list of the required equipment with instructions and explanation of these Science experiments.

Learn interesting CBSE experiments of Science that can be done using simple ingredients that are found in your house. You don’t need professional equipment, using basic materials to perform science experiments for kids that are safe, simple and enjoyable.

Here are few Examples and Ideas for CBSE Science Experiments-

Dry Ice Experiment

Here is an interesting dry ice bubble experiment that a lot of kids enjoy. The dry ice bubble will continuously grow bigger filled with fog. Here is how to do it: add water to the dry ice and cover it with a layer of soapy mixture.

Magic Cube

It is difficult to cut an ice cube into a perfect half. Giving it a little pressure will speed up the melting process, but to cut a piece of an ice in half need to learn this experiment.

Walking Water

Water takes the place of the container and certainly move in mysterious ways. In this experiment you will witness that water will be transferred from one cup to another with the help of a towel.

How to Make a Rainbow

Every kid enjoys watching a rainbow. Try making a rainbow in your home and surprise your children. With just a few simple everyday materials like glass and a paper you can create a rainbow at your home.



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