Right Time to Start Preparing for CBSE Boards


10th& 12th boards are two major milestones of your career as these scores will be a screening factor in every academic step further. Your scores become the decisive factor when you want to opt any specific stream or entrance exam.

Preparing yourself for entrance exams like JEE, MED along with boards is equally important. Hence, you need to start early so that you can strategically plan with relevant study materials and more sample question papers to practice.

To help you in making strategic plans and make your learning adaptive and effective, BYJU’s has come up with an innovative idea through their app that helps candidates to design and prepare for board or entrance exams in a more approachable and favorable way.

When is the right time to start?

If planned and executed wisely, your burden for 10th& 12th can be shared and reduced to half but for that you need to start from day one of your standard 9th& 11th. If you utilize these years to clear the basic concepts, it becomes easy for in-depth learning during the boards.

Advantages of starting early

  • Starting early will provide you more time to understand a lesson and clear concepts, which will eventually provide you more time to work on sample question papers and practice more.
  • Standard 10th is crucial, as it will help you to choose your desired streams in future. Hence, starting boards’ preparation early will give you ample time to comprehend each subject wisely.
  • 11th standard is somewhere in between 2 milestones (i.e. 10th and 12th) wherein you know the importance of your subjects chosen and what you want to make out of it. It’s the perfect time to prepare yourself in such a way that you not only pass your boards with flying colors but also crack entrance tests.

How BYJU’s help?

BYJU’s classes are designed in such a way that most of the major topics of board exams are covered with chapter-wise tests with detailed feedback and analysis for 9th and 11th syllabus.

BYJU’s help students with innovative learning methods. It provides engaging video lectures with animations that helps to clear the complete concept with clarity. These watch-and-learn video lessons lay a solid foundation in Math and Science which thus breaks complex process into simple and makes it like a cakewalk.

BYJU’s provide classes as well have app which consists of videos and tests. You can carry it on the go and participate in the watch and learn process anytime and anywhere.

You can attend classes from home and get your doubts cleared by a personal mentor by scheduling a call, video session, or writing to him/her and it will be clarified through a video or one-on-one session with your personal mentor.

Practise This Question

Which of the following is not a product of petroleum refining?