CBSE Notes for Class 6 Maths

CBSE board is an organization introduced by the government of India, which is designed to enhance and to support both central and state educational management. The main aim of this organization is to provide additional information about the subject through practical knowledge instead of theoretical.

The class 6 CBSE math notes are designed by the subject experts and are as per the NCERT guidelines. These notes are widely helpful for all students, as it provides the best explanation and important questions for better performance in their Exams. Apart from the questions, the CBSE class 6 maths notes also include multiple choice questions and other objective questions where students can practice by solving more number of problems. These CBSE notes are available on our website in pdf format which can be easily downloaded and can be used for their class assignments and also during their exam preparation.

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Practise This Question

Which of the following is an example of perpendicular lines?

1. Corners of your circular room floor

2. One of the angles in both your set squares

3. Angle included between the hour hand and minute hand when it is 12:15 in your wall clock