CBSE Notes For Class 6th Maths


CBSE which stands for the Central Board Of Secondary Education is responsible for improving the standard of education in our country. As our country’s economy is improving day by day, it is pivotal that the coming generations are a par higher than the previous such as to keep on improving our economy. The Central Board Of Secondary Education handles the syllabus for every class and also conducts and evaluates the exams.

The importance of maths in our lives is not something that can be neglected. Thus it is quite vital that a strong foundation of maths is created for someone with hopes of a good higher education. Thus here we have CBSE Notes for Class 6th Maths which will help you study all the topics of class 6th CBSE syllabus with ease.

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Practise This Question

____ states that changing the grouping of the factors in a multiplication statement does not change the product.