Integers Class 6 Notes: Chapter 6

Integers class 6 notes provided here is one of the most crucial resources for the CBSE class 6 students as it will help them to learn the topics more effectively and revise them easily. These chapter 6 notes are concise, simple, and easy to understand. The main concepts that are covered in this notes include-

  • What are integers?
  • Negative number and their applications
  • Rules of adding or subtracting integers
  • Examples
  • Practice questions
  • Related Articles

What are Integers?

An integer can be defined as the set of whole numbers which comprise of both positive numbers, negative numbers, and zero. A few examples of integers are -4, -5, -8, 0, 2, 7, 9, 100, etc. Check out this integers article to learn more about them along with examples, applications and other details.

Negative Integers and their Applications

Negative integers are those integers which are below zero on the number line. They always have a negative sign (-) before them. A few examples of negative numbers are -9, -4, -100, etc. The applications of negative numbers include-

  • In temperature scale
  • In checking level of water in rivers or tanks,
  • In debit accounts, etc.

Rules of Adding or Subtracting Integers

There are certain rules that are followed while adding or subtracting two integers having same or different signs. The addition rule for integers are as follows-

  • When adding two integers having positive sign: In such cases, add the two integers and the resulting sign will be positive. For example, (+3) + (+5) = +8.
  • When adding two integers having negative signs: In this case, the addition of the two negative integers gives a negative integer. For example, (-4) + (-3) = -1.
  • When adding two integers having different signs: In this case, the integers are subtracted and the sign of the bigger integer is added. For example, (+5) + (-7) = -2, (+6) + (-2) = +4.

Learn more about the addition and subtraction of integers from this article in detail along with several examples.

Practice Questions:

  1. Write down all the integers between -5 and 6.
  2. How many negative integers are between -2 and 99?
  3. Calculate (i) (– 8) – 5 – (– 23), (ii) (– 4) + ____ = – 12, (iii) 24 – (– 13)

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