Negative Numbers: Connection To Daily Life

Math might seem a little difficult to a few people.  They have a few questions like why do we study maths? What are its real-life applications? Here is the answer, what exactly are the role and significance of numbers and their connection to daily life.

Math is a subject which deals with numbers. Numbers are everywhere. They can be categorized into different types such as whole numbers, real numbers,  complex numbers, rational, irrational numbers, integers and many more types.

Negative numbers are numbers symbolized with a minus (-) sign along with the number. On a number line, they are numbers represented to the left of origin (zero) and their values are less than zero.

Applications of Negative Numbers in Real Life

Irrespective of their value, they have a broad connection to daily life. These numbers are widely used in different fields. Some of the real-life examples are given below.

Finance and Banking

Banking and financing are all about money, credit and debit. Hence, we need some numbers which can differentiate a credit amount from the debit amount. Another instance is profit and loss. These all are mathematically denoted by using positive and negative integers. If someone debited to someone it is represented by a minus sign. The stock market is another field which widely uses negative integers to show its share price and ups and downs.


Use of negative numbers is commonly observed in weather broadcasting. Thermometers are vertical number lines which measure the temperature of a body as well as the temperature of an area. Meteorologist uses negative numbers to show the cold condition of a region like -15˚C. Even when the body temperature goes down  a negative integer is used to represent the condition. Temperature below zero denoted with the negative sign while a temperature above zero denoted with the positive sign. Other instruments and conditions that depend on integers are batteries, blood pressure, overweight and underweight, drug testing and so on.

Other Applications

In sports, the goal differences in games like hockey, football are denoted by integers. Other examples are the speed of a car, the rating of songs or movies, the numbering of a story of a building, etc.

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