CBSE Syllabus For Class 4

Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE is one of the most reputed national level educational board in India. Till date, the Central Board of Secondary Education has affiliated more than 20730 schools. Schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education are advised to follow NCERT curriculum and Books. The academic experts at NCERT (National Council Of Education Research and Training) are responsible for preparing and designing the syllabus. The syllabus created by the subject experts of CBSE provides a roadmap to the students as well as to the teachers because they will know what to study or what to teach in which manner.

Students are advised to follow the CBSE syllabus to prepare for the examinations as well as for the competitive exams from an early age. In CBSE class 4 lots of important mathematics and science topics are taught which builds a strong base of the subject.

At BYJU’S we have provided the latest CBSE syllabus for class 4 Science and Mathematics syllabus which will help the students to study in a sequential manner. The syllabus topics and subtopics need to be properly studied and understood.

Visit the below links to check CBSE class 4 syllabus for science and maths.

At BYJU’S we have also provided NCERT chapter wise solutions for class 4 mathematics and science. Students are advised to go through the NCERT solutions for class 4, solving the NCERT questions will help to understand each and every chapter of NCERT in a very detailed manner. Sometimes the NCERT questions provided at the end of every chapter are directly asked in the examination. So, solving the NCERT questions and staying well versed with the topics will help you to write the appropriate answer in the examination.

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