Biomolecules Notes Class 12


Class 12 is an important phase of life in the life of students from their career point of view. As it contains vast variety of difficult subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. Of one such subject, Biology is the subject in which students needs to learn many things and retain them for a very longer duration. This subject is one of the vast subject and an important one for the students preparing for AIIMS examination.

Biology is the natural science that involves the study of life, their functioning, evolution, biomolecules etc. For the students of class 12, Biomolecule is one of the important chapter which is used for molecules or ions that are present in organisms. These molecules are involved in maintenance and metabolic process for living organism.They range from small molecules to large molecule like nucleic acids, proteins etc.

Here at BYJU’S we have provided the Biomolecules Notes Class 12 which is easy to understand, along this we had also provided some important questions which can be helpful for the students who will be appearing for class 12 board examination as well as for competitive examination.

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Practise This Question

Which of the following is/are true?
I. Benzene hexachloride is a non-biodegradable pollutant.
II. Anthropogenic air pollutants are natural in origin.
III. Carbon monoxide is a primary air pollutant.
IV. Sulphur dioxide causes brown air effect during traffic congestion in cities.