CBSE 5th Class Maths Syllabus

Mathematics is one of the important subjects for each and every standard, whether it is in class 5 or in class 6. Studying mathematics helps students to think logically because mathematics teaches logic and order. Every mathematics question can be solved in a variety of ways, and the approach to solve each question is different for different students.

CBSE 5th class maths syllabusis designed by experts in accordance with the latest CCE pattern.Studying with reference to the prescribed syllabus and solving CBSE Class 5 Maths Worksheets will help the students to prepare for their maths exam.

Below is the Maths CBSE Syllabus for Class 5:

The syllabus covers and explains everyday events with the facts of maths. To be through with all the 14 chapters keep solving chapter wise exercise, sample papers, CBSE question papers, worksheets. For more maths related study materials and textbooks checkout CBSE Class 5

Practise This Question

Find Q in the addition.

     3 1 Q+1 Q 3             −−−−−     5 0 1             −−−−−