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A.1 Identify circles, squares and triangles

A.2 Identify squares and rectangles

Count to 3

B.1 Learn to count (up to 3)

B.2 Count dots (up to 3)

B.3 Count shapes (up to 3)

B.4 Count objects (up to 3)

B.5 Count on ten frames (up to 3)

B.6Show numbers on ten frames (up to 3)

B.7Represent numbers (up to 3)

Count to 5

C.1 Learn to count (up to 5)

C.2 Count dots (up to 5)

C.3 Count shapes (up to 5)

C.4 Count objects (up to 5)

C.5 Count on ten frames (up to 5)

C.6 Show numbers on ten frames (up to 5)

C.7 Represent numbers (up to 5)

Count to 10

D.1 Learn to count (up to 10)

D.2 Count dots (up to 10)

D.3 Count shapes (up to 10)

D.4 Count objects (up to 10)

D.5 Count on ten frames (up to 10)

D.6 Show numbers on ten frames (up to 10)

D.7 Represent numbers (up to 10)


E.1 Are there enough?

E.2 Compare groups (fewer or more)

E.3 Fewer and more – compare by counting

E.4 Compare in a mixed group


F.1 Inside and outside

F.2 Above and below

F.3 Beside and next to

F.4 Left and right

F.5 Left, middle and right

F.6 Top and bottom

F.7 Top, middle and bottom


G.1 Same

G.2 Different

G.3 Same and different

G.4 Classify shapes by colour

G.5 Classify and sort by colour

G.6 Classify and sort by shape


H.1 Long and short

H.2 Tall and short

H.3 Light and heavy

H.4 Wide and narrow


I.1 Coin values

I.2 Count 1-rupee coins

Practise This Question

The length of the parallel sides of a trapezium are in the ratio  3: 2 and the distance between them is 10 cm. If the area of the trapezium is 325 cm², find the length of the parallel sides.