CBSE Science Working Models- Examples and Ideas

CBSE Science Working Models

The CBSE Science Working Models and experiments seem to be very interesting concepts especially at the school level. All these Science experiments will be in some way related to the day-to-day activities of our life. The CBSE Science model represents a particular phenomenon happening within the world by making use of something that can represent it practically, thus making it easier the way to understand.

These working models of CBSE Science could be in the form of a diagram or even a picture, or even a physical model such as the kit of an aircraft model, which you might have observed when you were a kid, or the example of a computer program or the set of all the complex Mathematics describing a situation.

Many students at the school level enjoy creating these cool models with great ideologies and interesting facts relating to Chemistry, Physics, Biology, plants, earth, and many more.

We have listed below the Science working models for CBSE Classes 6 to 1o.

The CBSE Scientific models or the working CBSE Science models explains and even predicts about the behaviour of various systems and real world objects. These are widely used in various number of scientific disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology up to the Ecology as well as the Earth Sciences.

Some different types of working model of CBSE Science are listed below-

Greenhouse Effect

You might have learnt about the greenhouse gases and its effect. Here is an experiment that shows you how the colours and the types of different surfaces affects the heat trapping capability of the greenhouse.

UV Light

Ultraviolet rays are as harmful to the human body as much for the environment. Did you know that you can be protected from these harmful radiations? Yes, this science model gives you the idea of blocking these harmful UV light.


Periscopes are the instruments that were used to observe the things from a hidden position. These were used to see above the water from the submarines, with in all the directions from the inner side of a tank.

Bridge construction

The giant structures like the bridges might be the most eye capturing structures. But have you ever wondered how these structures stand so strong. Here is an experiment that tells you about the shapes and the structure of bridges.

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