CBSE Exam Forms to Be Verified by Parents of Students

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has started a new initiative in which the exam forms of 10th and 12th standard students would be cross-checked by their parents in order to avoid any discrepancies like spelling errors in the name field or wrong date of birth. As per the words of certain CBSE officials, the main aim would be to bring down these errors to a minimal level or to remove them completely by taking this initiative. All of this happens due to the fact that CBSE receives plenty of requests from parents every year to change their name or date of birth.

As per the words of a top official from CBSE, the board plans to implement this initiative from the current year and to meet this end, they would be sending the list of candidates (LOC) with all the important details to the students, which they could take home and ensure that the details are being verified by their parents. As of now, the schools have sent the LOCs to the students, and any further updates in this regard will be informed later.

The initiative was put forth in the recently concluded meeting of CBSE officials, which had plans to amend the by-laws of CBSE board exams. Until now, the exam forms were filled by the respective teachers in school using data from the school registers and the requests to make corrections came from parents later. This initiative would put an end to this pattern, according to the CBSE official.


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