Lakhmir Singh Solutions For Class 9 Chemistry

Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 9 Chemistry, Chapters 1 to 5, are provided here. These solutions are prepared by subject experts at BYJU’S for the ease of learning the subject and getting better knowledge about the various concepts in Chemistry. Students can prepare well for the annual examinations by practising the Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 9 Chemistry. It is written in an easy-to-understand way so that they can easily grasp the concepts.

Chapter 1 Matter and Surroundings
Chapter 2 Is Matter Around Us Pure
Chapter 3 Atoms and Molecules
Chapter 4 Structure of Atom

These solutions contain all the questions in the Lakhmir Singh Book for Class 9 Chemistry and maintain the objective of the textbook. For better knowledge, students can use Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 9 Chemistry as reference material and also prepare well for the annual exam by practising them.

Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 9 Chemistry

Chapter 1: Matter and Surroundings

This chapter defines matter and surroundings and the relationship between them. It gives proper knowledge of the definition of matter and the classification of matter as solid, liquid and gas and its characteristics like shape, volume and density. It also explains the changes of states melting, freezing evaporation, condensation and sublimation.

Chapter 2: Is Matter Around Us Pure

In this chapter, students will learn about elements, compounds and mixtures. The properties of metals, non-metals and metalloids, and the differentiation of compounds and mixtures, concepts of the solution, suspension and colloids, different methods which involve the separation of mixtures are also explained in this chapter.

Chapter 3: Atoms and Molecules

This chapter deals with atoms and molecules, as mentioned in the title. The chapter starts with the Law of Combinations, which explains three main laws and the experiments performed to verify the laws. The main concept of atoms is illustrated here by taking the very most theory put forth by scientists. Dalton’s concept of an atom is explained in detail, and also about the molecules. The concept of atomic mass, molecular mass and gram molecular mass are also explained with examples.

Chapter 4: Structure of Atom

In this chapter, students will learn the concept of the structure of an atom. The chapter starts with the story of the discovery of electrons, protons and neutrons and then comes to various assumptions of scientists for predicting the structure of the atom. It explains each of the predictions interestingly, so students can grasp the concept without any difficulty. The postulates and the drawbacks of each concept, then, the arrangement of electrons in an atom and the different properties of atoms it possesses etc., are also explained in detail.

Importance and Benefits of Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 9 Chemistry

For the effective preparation of the annual examination, it is essential to have proper clarification and understanding of all the concepts and topics covered as per the syllabus. Lakhmir Singh Solutions are prepared by subject experts at BYJU’S to help students understand various concepts in an easy way. Class 9 is the stepping stone to achieve knowledge and score good marks in higher classes.


  • The concepts are written in a very simple and accurate manner
  • Solutions are given stepwise so that students can understand them easily
  • Chapter-wise questions from the textbook have been covered


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