CBSE Class 5 Science Syllabus

This page gives the list of topics included in the CBSE Class 5 Science Syllabus. The Central Board of Secondary Education is pledged to raise the standard of education in the country. With the name Central Board of Secondary Education being endowed in 1952, the CBSE is now renowned for its role as the head of the educational structure of the country.

Science is the knowledge of the facts and predictions based on explanations about our universe. Thus for someone to live a scholarly life, it is crucial to have a meticulous knowledge of science. But working up a strong foundation of science is even more important. Thus, class 5 is an important point of time when getting to know more about the subject science. The class 5 science syllabus covers topics like Super Senses, A snake charmer’s story, From tasting to digestion, Mangoes round the year, seeds and seeds, Every drop counts, Experiments with water, A treat for mosquitoes, Up you Go, Walls tell stories, Sunita in space, What if it finishes, A shelter so High, When the earth shook, Blow hot blow cold, Who will do this work, Across the wall, No place for us, A seed tells a farmer’s story, Whose forests, Like father like daughter, On the move again. Studying with reference to the prescribed syllabus and solving CBSE Class 5 Science Worksheets will help the students to prepare for their maths exam.

Below is the Science CBSE Syllabus for Class 5:

The syllabus covers and explains everyday events with the facts of science. To be through with all the 22 chapters keep solving chapter wise exercise, sample papers, CBSE question papers, worksheets. For more study materials and textbooks checkout CBSE Class 5

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In the commercial electrochemical process for Aluminium extraction, the electrolyte used is: