CBSE Improvement Exam Rules

Every year several candidates appear for their improvement exams in particular subjects to gain more marks compared to their previous results. The improvement exams are available for both theory and practical subjects.

The CBSE improvement exam rules include:

  1.    Failed candidates are not allowed to attend the improvement exams.
  2.    The improvement exams can be given for more than one subject in the following year.
  3.    Improvement exams are only for the pass candidates but not satisfied with their marks.
  4.    In this system, the candidate is not allowed to choose best of the two marks.

Practise This Question

Consider the diagram below which represents photosynthetic reactions. Choose the option that correctly matches the names to the labels (i), (ii), (iii). Also, the option must match for the involvement of chlorophyll in - (a) Light reaction or (b) Calvin-Benson Cycle.