NCERT Syllabus Class 9 Political Science

The NCERT Class 9 Political Science syllabus focuses on formal institutions of government. The syllabus is designed in such a way that it creates curiosity in students to know more about politics. The subject provides an introduction to various facets of politics. So, it becomes crucial for students to know the entire syllabus before they begin their studies. Knowing the syllabus will also keep them focused towards their studies.

Download the NCERT Class 9 Political Science Syllabus PDF 2023-24

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Students can have a look at the chapters listed in the Class 9 Political Science Syllabus below.

Political Science: Democratic Politics I

Chapter 1: What Is Democracy? Why Democracy?
Chapter 2: Constitutional Design
Chapter 3: Electoral Politics
Chapter 4: Working of Institutions
Chapter 5: Democratic Rights

Students must refer to the syllabus every time they study. It will help them in keeping a record of all topics they have covered till now and what remains to be covered. They should also solve the exercise questions provided at the end of each chapter of NCERT Class 9 Book of Civics. This will help them diligently prepare for the annual exam.

We hope students have found this information on the “NCERT Class 9 Political Science Syllabus” useful for their studies. Keep learning and stay tuned for further updates on the CBSE Exam. Download BYJU’S – The Learning App and subscribe to the YouTube Channel to access interactive Maths and Science videos.


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