Preparation Tips for Class 10 Mathematics Exam

Central Board of Secondary Education has already published the CBSE Class 10 exam schedule. Mathematics is a very important subject for class 10 and scoring marks in mathematics is easy if you put some extra effort to it. To help all the CBSE students here are some important last minute preparation tips for CBSE mathematics exam.

Get Acquainted with the exam pattern: It is very much important to know about the exam pattern, like how many question will be there? How many Very Short Answer type question will be there. Knowing all these will help to prepare in a better way.

Know your syllabus: Know your exam syllabus before you start your exam preparation, if you have completed the entire syllabus then it’s a plus point for you. If not then try to cover as much as you can, so that you can at least score the passing marks. If you have completed 90 percent of the syllabus before the exam night, then don’t try to complete the whole syllabus, try to revise that 90 percent of the syllabus which you have already studied.

Remember Formulas: Remember the formulas of each and every chapter, make sure you are well versed with the formulas. If you know the formulas very well then it will not take much time for you to solve the questions.

Solve Previous Year Questions and Sample Papers: Solving previous year questions and sample papers will help to get acquainted with the types of question asked in the examination, while solving these previous year questions one must keep an eye on the clock because solving the question paper within the actual time limit will help you to keep track of your problem-solving speed.

After solving the question paper analyze it yourself, and check where you need improvement.

Study in a Group: Ask you friends if they want to study in a group, then decide a place which is not so far from your place.

Explain to others: Whenever you are doing a group study ask your friends to study different chapters so that at the end of the study each one of you are able to teach something new to each other, doing this activity will help you to learn the entire topic in a detailed way and you will never forget that topic once you teach them to your friend.

Make Schedule: Always make schedules before you start studying for examinations. Making schedules will help you build confidence and to study in a constant pace. While preparing the study schedule make sure you have assigned more time to difficult subjects.

Take Breaks While Studying: When students sit in one place trying to remain focused on instructions for a long duration of time, it makes learning difficult, at this moment you should try to take short breaks. Go for a walk, exercise for a while during your study breaks. Doing 10-20 minutes of exercise in between your studies will help you to stay fit and to mentally prepared for future studies.

Take Proper Rest : Try not to be stressed as the exam approaches. Geta good night’s sleep the night before the exam.


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