NCERT Books for Class 1 Maths

NCERT Books Class 1 Maths – Download Free PDF Updated for (2022-23)

Textbooks are a great source of information and are easy for teachers and students to use. It provides you with all the lessons and plans in a detailed manner. NCERT Books for Class 1 Maths prove to be helpful for the preparation of exams because all the affiliated schools of CBSE follow the same syllabus covered in the Maths textbook. NCERT Maths textbook solutions of Class 1 PDF help students to score high marks in the exam. These books provide a definite description and clear all their doubts that might arise in the minds of the students while learning.

NCERT Books for Class 1 Maths comprises a total of 13 chapters. Some topics included in the Maths textbook are Shapes and Space, Numbers from One to Nine, Addition, Subtraction, etc. and at the end of each chapter, exercise problems are given for students to practice regularly. The textbook explains each topic elaborately with illustrative examples so that students love to study the subject. Students of Class 1 are advised to study from the NCERT Solutions book as the question paper will be prepared according to the textbook.

In the table given below, we have provided a downloadable chapter wise PDF link of NCERT Books for Class 1 Maths in English as well as in the Hindi language.

Download PDF of Class 1 Maths In English

Download PDF of Class 1 Maths In Hindi

Along with the textbooks we at BYJU’S also provide useful study materials for Class 1 students such as sample papers, solutions, syllabus, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Books for Class 1 Maths

Why should I refer to the NCERT Books for Class 1 Maths?

The NCERT Books are created by considering the chapter wise marks distribution as per the CBSE blueprint. Numerical questions are provided with step by step explanations. Elaborated solutions enable students to understand the concepts efficiently and help them score good marks in the board exams. Simplified and logical language is used in order to boost the confidence among students. Pictorial representation is done wherever necessary to help students grasp concepts at a faster pace.

Can I score full marks using the NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Maths?

Yes, you can score full marks using the NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Maths. The reasons why the PDF solutions are important are listed below.
1. The stepwise explanations provided for each question helps students in understanding the concepts effortlessly.
2. The solutions assist students to prepare for the Class 1 exams without fear.
3. The solutions created are crisp and clear as per the board exams expectations.
4. The diagrams in each concept promotes visual learning which is important from the exam perspective.

Is BYJU’S website providing Solutions for NCERT Books for Class 1 Maths?

Yes, students can get free PDFs of NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Maths. The solutions are designed by an expert faculty team of members at BYJU’S in an unique way. Also they provide solutions for Class 1 to 12 NCERT Textbooks in free PDFs. Students who aim to score high in board exams are advised to solve the NCERT Textbook.