CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 Hindi 2020-2021

CBSE Class 6 Hindi syllabus is prepared according to the guidelines of the CBSE Board. The CBSE syllabus of Class 6 Hindi contains the chapters that need to be studied by Class 6 students. Even the question papers that are prepared according to the syllabus provided by the Board. So, students of Class 6 should have a proper understanding of the syllabus before they start preparing for their Class 6 Hindi examination.

Download CBSE Class 6 Hindi Syllabus PDF for 2020-2021

Students can access the detailed syllabus of CBSE Class 6 Hindi from the link provided above for 2020-2021.

Chapter Listing of CBSE Class 6 Hindi Syllabus

  1. Bhasha aur Vyakaran
  2. Varna Vichar
  3. Shabd Vichar
  4. Pratyay
  5. Upsarg
  6. Sangya
  7. Sarvnaam
  8. Visheshan
  9. Kriya
  10. Kaal
  11. Ling
  12. Vachan
  13. Kaarak
  14. Kriya Visheshan Avayay
  15. Samuchchaybodhak Avayay
  16. Sambandhbodhak Avayay
  17. Vismayadibodhak Avayay
  18. Nipaat
  19. Vaakya Ashudhiya wa unka Shodhan
  20. Viram chinh
  21. Muhavrein aur Lokoktiyan

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