CBSE Grading System For Class 9

CBSE had introduced the grading system which is similar to the grading system of Cambridge International Exam. The system is called the nine-point grading system and includes 9 pointers to reflect a candidate’s performance.

This was mainly introduced to categorize students according to their grades. It is often considered that if a student gets 85% marks, he is equally competitive and scholastic to a student scoring 90% marks.

The CBSE grading system for class 9 is given below in the table.

Marks Grade Points Grade
91 to 100 10 A1
81-90 9 A2
71 to 80 8 B1
61 to 70 7 B2
51 to 60 6 C1
41 to 50 5 C2
33 to 40 4 D
21 to 32 0 E1
< 20 0 E2

Apart from this, every student is provided with a CGPA i.e. Cumulative Grade Point Average which reflects the subject-wise performance. CGPA can be defined as the average of grade points in all main subjects.

So, CGPA = Sum of Grade Points Obtained (in 5 main subjects)/ 5

Students can also multiply 9.5 with their respective CGPA to get their respective percentages.

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