CBSE Class 7 Social Science Important Questions

A branch of Science, devoted to the study of human societies, Social Science for CBSE Class 7 spans three disciplines including Civics, History and Geography. Here, for the convenience of the students, we have listed out the CBSE Class 7 Social Science Important Questions from the respective disciplines. Students can click on the links provided in the table below in this article to browse the chapter-wise CBSE Class 7 Important Questions of the respective disciplines from Social Science.

These CBSE Important Questions have been devised based on the major concepts of the Subject and hence, most of them are likely to be asked in the exam. For this reason, students who answer these questions regularly will find it easier to prepare for the exam.

To crack the subject and ace it, students will find these important questions very handy. They can easily master all the concepts and revise them thoroughly for the exam by practising these CBSE important Questions of Social Science.

Meanwhile, Students can also refer to other exam materials such as the syllabus, textbooks or CBSE Sample Papers while studying. Stay tuned to BYJU’S and get information about the board.

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