Sample Question Paper For Class 7 CBSE Maths SA2

CBSE Sample papers are designed by the NCERT Science and Math experts. The CBSE sample papers are a way of improving the study skill set for students from different classes. It is important for the students to improve their skills day by day to excel in the CBSE examination.

Sample question papers for class 7 CBSE Maths SA2 provide a brief idea about the real question paper. Students should solve sample papers daily once they have completed their syllabus. It will help them to manage time and to know about the important topics of the syllabus.

Here at Byju’s, sample question papers for class 7 CBSE Maths SA2 are in a downloadable format for students preparing for the exam.

Below are the links for the sample question paper for class 7 CBSE Math SA2:

Download Sample Paper For Class 7
CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 SA2 Maths


Practise This Question

If the sides of a triangle are 39 cm, 80 cm, and 89 cm, then the triangle formed is a _____ triangle.