CBSE Notes For Class 8th Maths


The syllabus and the examinations for the high school in our country are mostly handled by the Central Board Of Secondary Education also known as the CBSE. The CBSE is answerable for improving and updating the level of education provided to the schools by students throughout the country coming under the CBSE board.

Class 8th being a point wherein the difficulty level of the subjects start hitting the students generally. Thus, it is even more imperative that your basics are strong and your cover the topics of class 8th maths in detail. If not, learning the advanced topics in the upcoming classes will be even harder and lead to inconsistencies in the upcoming years. That is why we have provided for you CBSE Notes for Class 8th Maths to help you study the topics of class 8th maths in detail and easy way.

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Practise This Question

Find the value of ‘A’ & ‘B’ from the following ?

   3 A2 5       −−  B 2       −−