Rational Numbers Class 8 Notes - Chapter 1

The numbers which are involved in many mathematical applications such as addition, subtraction and multiplication which are inherently closed with many mathematical processes are called Rational numbers.

Addition and Multiplication are two of the major arithmetic operations involving Rational numbers. Some of the major operations involving these numbers are the Commutative and Associative for rational numbers.

What are the Mathematical Identities For Rational Numbers?

The two major identities closely related to Rational numbers are the additive identity and the multiplicative identity. The identity for the rational number 0 is called as the additive identity whereas the identity for rational number 1 is titled as the multiplicative identity.

These identities are used to solve a myriad of different problems associated with Rational numbers. Some of the other major topics introduced in this chapter are the additive inverse, reciprocal or multiplicative inverse of rational numbers.

What is Mean?

Mean can simply be defined as the method of finding Rational numbers between two rational numbers. We know that the rational numbers on a number line is the best method of visual representation and mean is an excellent method of finding out such Rational numbers.

Important Questions:

Important Questions Rational numbers

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