CBSE Class 9 Maths Book

CBSE Class 9 Maths Book – Download Free PDF Updated for 2023-24

CBSE Class 9 Maths Book is a very significant study material for students, as it lays the foundation for many of the basic concepts covered in higher classes. The Class 9 students also realise the importance of the NCERT book for Class 9 Maths, for the reason that the book gives an insight into the complete Maths subject, according to the CBSE syllabus.

Students can download NCERT Class 9 Maths book for the year 2023-24 from the below-given links.

Download CBSE Book for Class 9 Maths

NCERT Maths Book for Class 9 in English
NCERT Maths Book for Class 9 in Hindi

NCERT Book for Class 9 Maths Chapter-wise in English

Chapters Solutions
Chapter 1- Number Systems Solutions
Chapter 2- Polynomials Solutions
Chapter 3- Coordinate Geometry Solutions
Chapter 4- Linear Equations in Two Variables Solutions
Chapter 5- Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry Solutions
Chapter 6: Lines and Angles Solutions
Chapter 7: Triangles Solutions
Chapter 8: Quadrilaterals Solutions
Chapter 9: Circles Solutions
Chapter 10: Heron’s Formula Solutions
Chapter 11: Surface Areas and Volumes Solutions
Chapter 12: Statistics Solutions

NCERT Book for Class 9 Maths Chapter-wise in Hindi

अध्याय 1- संख्या प्रणाली
अध्याय 2-बहुपदों
अध्याय 3-निर्देशांक ज्यामिति
अध्याय 4-दो चर में रैखिक समीकरण
अध्याय 5- यूलिसिड की ज्यामिति का परिचय
अध्याय 6- रेखाएँ और कोण
अध्याय 7- त्रिभुज
अध्याय 8- चतुर्भुज
अध्याय 9 – मंडलियां
अध्याय 10 – हेरॉन का फॉर्मूला
अध्याय 11 – भूतल क्षेत्र और वॉल्यूम
अध्याय 12 – आंकड़े
परिशिष्ट -1: गणित में प्रमाण
परिशिष्ट- 2: गणितीय मॉडलिंग का परिचय

Access NCERT Solutions here.

Students also come to understand the significance of self-study and in evaluating one’s performance on the Maths subject in class. The CBSE Class 9 Maths book can help them with this. NCERT Books for Class 9, developed by experts who have in-depth knowledge about the subject, tries to simplify even the most complex topics or concepts in a simple manner. Students can also see that the most complex Maths problems are explained in very easy steps in these books.

Most of the questions asked in the exams are directly based on the concepts covered in NCERT Class 9 Maths book. The textbook is written by experts in Mathematics after doing thorough research on all topics. The information provided in these textbooks is completely authentic and better than other resources.

NCERT Maths Class 9 book covers all the basic and fundamental concepts included in the Class 9 Maths syllabus prescribed by CBSE Board. These textbooks make it easier for students to prepare effectively for their examinations as well as other competitive exams like NTSE, KVPY, International Mathematical Olympiads (IMO), and more. NCERT Class 9 Maths textbook is simple for students to understand the technical aspects of concepts like relations and functions, factorisation, and more. It is also important for students to understand solved problems that are provided while explaining certain concepts. The NCERT textbooks are outstanding study material to start your preparation for the annual and other competitive exams.

These were some of the key features of the NCERT Class 9 Maths book. With proper guidance and exposure to complex problems, you can easily solve conceptual problems asked in the annual and competitive examinations.

Why One Should Read CBSE Book for Class 9 Maths?

NCERT Book for Class 9 Maths helps students by providing thorough knowledge to them about the main topics and concepts covered in the subject. The book also helps students to clarify their doubts about Class 9 Maths.  The other benefits include the following:

  • Subject experts explain every concept and topic clearly and in an easy way
  • Students can get in-depth knowledge and information about Class 9 Maths
  • Difficult problems are solved using easy simple steps
  • Help students prepare ahead for the class and exams
  • Help with self-assessment
  • Help to complete assignments and homework
  • Students can gain practice by solving the Class 9 Maths problems

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Frequently Asked Questions on CBSE Books for Class 9 Maths


Can students rely on CBSE Books for Class 9 Maths available at BYJU’S to fetch high marks in the annual exam?

BYJU’S provides CBSE Books for Class 9 Maths, as per the latest CBSE syllabus and marking schemes. These books help students to comprehend new concepts easily. The prime focus of providing textbooks is to empower students with knowledge that lasts longer. Besides, the chapter-wise and exercise-wise NCERT solutions framed by subject experts at BYJU’S boost students’ annual exam preparations.

Is CBSE Books for Class 9 Maths important from the exam point of view?

Yes, all the chapters present in CBSE Books for Class 9 Maths are important for the exams as well as for higher grades. Students should practise all the questions provided in CBSE Books for Class 9 Maths to procure high marks in the final exam. Besides, we provide NCERT solutions based on Class 9 Maths books. You can download these solutions for free and practise offline as well.

Why should we download CBSE Books for Class 9 Maths from BYJU’S?

BYJU’S provides the most accurate books PDF according to the latest CBSE syllabus. The textbooks can be viewed online as well as downloaded in PDF. The concepts are explained by expert tutors very clearly, with neat diagrams wherever necessary.


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