Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 11 Biology Exam

The subject of biology in Class 11 introduces a wide range of important topics that are crucial to understanding higher-level concepts in Class 12. Questions related to Class 11 biology topics also holds good weightage in NEET exam.

So, it can be said that CBSE Class 11 biology is important for both Class 12 and NEET exam. To help the students prepare for the Class 11 biology exam more effectively, some important tips and strategies are mentioned below.

Exam Preparation Tips For Biology Class 11 CBSE Exam

  • Know the Detailed Pattern and Syllabus of the Paper

CBSE always issues syllabus and pattern for the individual subjects. In the exam, all the questions are asked from the predefined syllabus. Apart from the syllabus, the pattern of the paper is also important as it can help to devise exam-taking strategies.

The detailed pattern of CBSE biology paper is given below:

Section A (Very Short Answer Questions) Marks Details: 1 Mark Each

Total Questions: 5

Total Marks: 5

Section B (Short Answer Questions I) Marks Details: 2 Marks Each

Total Questions: 5

Total Marks: 10

Section C (Short Answer Questions II) Marks Details: 3 Marks Each

Total Questions: 12

Total Marks: 36

Section D (Value-Based Questions) Marks Details: 4 Marks Each

Total Questions: 1

Total Marks: 4

Section E (Long Answer Questions) Marks Details: 5 Marks Each

Total Questions: 3

Total Marks: 15

Total Total Questions: 26

Total Marks: 70

For detailed biology syllabus, students can check CBSE Class 11 Biology Syllabus. It is suggested to cover all the related topics from each chapter as questions might come from anywhere within the syllabus.

  • Check Different Question Variations

It is important to get accustomed to the different variations of biology questions to get confident and be able to tackle any question in the exam. For this, students are suggested to solve a lot of sample papers and various CBSE Question Papers For Class 11 Biology. Solving these papers not only helps to get acquainted with a lot of questions variations but also helps to understand the question pattern and difficulty.

  • Remember the Important Terms and Diagrams

Biology has a lot of important terms and definitions that are important from the examination point of view. Apart from difficult terms, the subject also includes an ocean of important diagrams. Practice the diagrams thoroughly and remember the terms properly to be able to present the answer in the exam properly. Use flashcards or maintain a note to remember and revise them efficiently.

  • Proper Revision

As biology is theory-extensive subject, students need to keep revising to be able to retain the concepts for longer. Revise all the topics and check for the individual weightage of the chapters. Chapter-wise weightage of biology Cass 11 is given below according to their importance.

Unit Name Total Marks
Human Physiology 10 + 10
Plant Physiology 17
Cell:-Structure and



organization in

plants and animals

Diversity in living



Apart from these preparation tips, some exam-taking strategies are also given below that can help to score more marks in the CBSE class 11 biology exam.

  • Always write neatly and start new sections from a new page.
  • Try maintaining the questions’ order.
  • Always include a related diagram (labelled) for the 5 marks and 3 marks questions even if the questions do not state.
  • Underline key phrases in the answer.
  • Always spare 10 to 15 minutes for revision and check if any question is missed.

These tips can help the students to prepare biology more effectively and score good marks in the Class 11 exams.

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