Important Diagrams

Biology subject is so vital to human life that it has been named as ‘Life Science’ in the curriculum. The age of chalk and talking style of teaching life science is modified by different innovative techniques. Knowing science not only requires the linguistic ability to understand but also the interest to understand the diagrams in verbal forms. The students need to describe their knowledge and understanding in an expressive way through diagrams. Hence, the theoretical concepts of Biology are equally composed of verbal and nonverbal diagrammatic representations.

Things to remember for a perfect diagram

  • Make sure that the particular diagram made by you should be of considerable size, enough neat and clear.
  • A diagram is incomplete without labelling all the important parts.
  • You need to use appropriate arrows with the use of scale to point to the respective parts.
  • You can score easily and reserve your marks if you represent your diagram well and labelled correctly.

Here is the list of important diagrams in biology

Human Heart

Human Brain

  • Flower


  • Structure of Mitochondria of a cell


  • Flowering Plant


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