Important Diagrams In Class 8 Science

Diagrams for class 8 forms an integral part of the science syllabus. Moreover, diagrams are a beneficial tool to illustrate various concepts in biology. Everything, from the cross-section of a plant cell to onion tissues, helps to educate students about the various anatomical structures, functions, and their implications. Following is a list of important diagrams often asked in class 8 Biology exams.

Diagrams for Class 8

Cross-section of a Plant Cell Diagram

Plant Cell

The plant cell is an elementary topic, and it forms the basis for more complex concepts in higher classes. Therefore, we must be familiar with the structure and its functions. A diagram of a typical plant cell includes many cellular components, ranging from the cell wall and cell membrane to the chloroplast and nucleus. This makes the diagram quite complicated to draw, but with enough practice, it becomes easy.

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Cell Structure

Cell Structure

Animals and plants are composed of cells, and every cell may be quite different from an anatomical perspective but also possess many similarities (such as a cell membrane and mitochondria.) Drawing the structure of a cell should not be an issue – with enough practice, it should be rather easy. Even the cellular organelles present in the cell, such as the Golgi body become easy to draw. Given enough time to practice, even the various cell organelles become easy to illustrate.

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Reproduction In Flower

Reproduction In Flower


Reproduction in flower in an elementary topic and the basis for more complex topics in higher classes. It is one of the simpler diagrams to draw on the list. Ensure to label all the important diagrams, especially the stigma and style. Explore more important diagrams for class 8 or other classes only at BYJU’S Biology.

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