Important Diagrams In Class 8 Science

Learning Biology subject does not end with the linguistic art of knowing the art of diagrams by the student, but describing their knowledge and representation of the subject by diagrams is also equally essential. Diagrams play an important role in the practical and theoretical study of biology Class 8. Here is a list of main important diagrams for biology class 8 you can refer and practice all of these before attempting class 8 Biology Exam.

  • Cross section of a Plant cell diagram

Plant Cell

Cell Structure


Reproduction in flower

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Practise This Question

Pick the correct set of difference between plant and animal cells from the following table.

Animal cellsPlant cellsi. Animal cells have large single vacuolePlant cells have many small vacuolesii. Animal cells do not have plastidsPlant cells have plastids including chloroplastiii. Animal cells do not have cell wallPlant cells have cell wall outside the plasma membraneiv. Animal cells are green in colorPlant cells are not coloredv. Lysosomes are always presentLysosomes are rare