Pollen Germination on Stigma through a Permanent Slide.


To observe pollen germination on stigma through a permanent slide.

Materials Required

Permanent slide



The permanent slide is placed under a microscope and the pollen germination is observed.


Pollination refers to the transfer of pollen grains from the anther of a flower to the stigma of the same or different flower through biotic or abiotic means. 

The pollen are deposited on the stigma. Here, the pollen germination starts with the absorption of nutrients and water. 

A small pollen tube is produced through the style to the ovary. 

The tube cell moves out of the pollen grain through one of the germ pores and forms a pollen tube.

The nucleus of the tube moves down to the tip of the pollen tube.

The generative cells also pass into it and soon divide to form two male gametes.

During double fertilization, one of the two sperms fuses with the egg cell of the ovule. This helps in embryo development.

The other cell combines with another subsidiary nuclei of the ovule that helps in the formation of endosperm. 

The growing ovule is transformed into a seed.

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