Symptoms of Various Diseases


Most diseases that exist today showcase characteristic symptoms. Usually, these symptoms are apparent right away, others may not be visible immediately, and some diseases will not have any noticeable symptoms at all.

Comprehensive Content

This brief guide will encompass all the various symptoms of nearly 50+ diseases in an easy-to-comprehend format. It highlights the most distinct and defining characteristics of a disease. Furthermore, these articles serve as an important point of reference when preparing for any competitive exams.

Deeper Insights

Apart from academics, the information compiled in these articles will provide insights into various diseases and potentially help to diagnose and seek a course of action. From viral fever to asthma, discover the various signs and indications of various diseases and explore their causes.

Practise This Question

Consider the statements (i) and (ii)
Statement (i): To counter act the increase in turgor pressure in plant cells, the cell wall produces an equal and opposite i.e., wall pressure
Statement (ii): When plant cells undergo endosmosis, they swell but do not burst

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