Biological Facts


Biology is a subject that explains life around us, from microscopic microbes to massive mammoths, the living world is home to fascinating animals and plants. Even our human body is a treasure trove of academic knowledge and insights. For instance, did you know that the human lung can float on water? Or the fact that our liver has the amazing ability to regenerate?

Fascinating Facts

Most of our bodily functions seem quite uninteresting, but these same functions and roles in other organisms are eye-openers to us. This is because they do perform some truly fascinating and mind-bending feats. The highest ever vertical jump ever performed by a human measured at just over 7 feet. This is laughably insignificant when we look at other organisms from the animal kingdom. For instance, fleas can jump 150 times higher than their own body height. When this is scaled up to our proportions, it is similar to a human jumping over 800 feet, which is almost twice as high as the Pyramids of Egypt.

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A person with unknown blood group under ABO system hs suffered much blood loss in an accident and needs immediate blood tranfusion. His one friend who has a valid certificate of his own blood type offers for blood donation without delay. What would have been the type of blood group of the donor friend ?