Important ICSE Biology Articles for Exams

The ICSE articles contain a list of carefully selected topics from the Biology textbook. The articles will help the students to have a proper understanding of the concepts in a language easily understood by the students. Many times the content provided in the textbooks in either not sufficient or written in a completely technical language hard to be understood by the students. BYJU’S provides an easy way to get all the information about any Biology related topic.

The content is prepared by the subject experts after a lot of research. It carries all the important topics that are frequently asked in the examinations. A thorough analysis of all the topics was done before creating the articles. Therefore, it will also provide information other than what is provided in the textbook. This might help the students during competitive examinations as well.

All the articles mentioned in this page are linked to their respective URLs. The students can click on any topic they would like to study and get the required information. Also, important diagrams for Biology concepts are mentioned along with the articles.

List of ICSE Articles


Explore BYJU’S website for any information on the Biology related topics. You may also go to BYJU’S app for further reference.

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