Important Diagrams For Class 9 Science

Diagrams for Class 9 encompass many topics – from human anatomy to genetics. From an exam perspective, diagrams are quite important, especially in Biology. Moreover, students can secure only so many marks from theory; to squeeze out the last bit of marks, students have to practice diagrams and illustrate them well. Following is the list of diagrams deemed important for Class 9 Exams.

Diagrams for Class 9

Human Digestive System

Human Digestive System - Important diagram for class 9 science

The digestive system is one of the most important systems in the human body. From an academic perspective, the digestive system is a topic that is often asked in the exams – either as an illustration, theoretical questions, or both. When it comes to drawing the diagram, it is moderately difficult to recreate the image. However, with enough practice, that hurdle can be overcome easily.

Male Reproductive System

Male reproductive system diagram

The male reproductive system is an important concept that is often asked in the exam. From an academic perspective, it is essential to learn about its structure and function as it forms the basis for one of the life processes – reproduction. When it comes to drawing the diagram, the difficulty is moderate. However, with enough practice, it can be recreated with ease.

Female Reproductive System

Female reproductive system diagram

Just like the male reproductive system, the female reproductive system is an important concept from an academic perspective. Hence, ensure that enough time is devoted to practising and perfecting the diagram. The diagram is not nearly as complex as the male reproductive system, hence, it does not need much effort to recreate the same in an exam hall.


Photosynthesis - Important Diagrams for Class 9 science

Photosynthesis is one of the most important concepts in Class 9 Science. Questions, many of which have considerable weightage, are asked from this concept. Naturally, the diagram of the process is also quite important to learn and recreate. The diagram can be created in many ways, for instance, as a flow chart or as a cycle. However, maximum marks will be provided only if the diagram is able to convey the message very clearly.

Cell Structure

Cell diagram - important diagram class 9 science

The cell structure is an important concept in Biology. It is one of the fundamentals of cell biology and forms the basis for more complex topics in higher classes. The diagram of cell structure is quite easy to recreate, though a little practise may be required. An important point to note is the cell organelles – ensure that all the cell organelles are incorporated in the diagram. A little shading may help secure more marks.

Nitrogen Cycle in Nature

Nitrogen cycle diagram for class 9 science

The nitrogen cycle is an important biogeochemical cycle required for all life on earth. From an examination perspective, the nitrogen cycle is a frequently asked topic – either as a theoretical question or a diagrammatic one. However, it should be fairly easy to comprehend the topic and recreate the necessary diagrams. The main diagrams of this concept are in the form of cycles – ensure that each and every factor is correctly interlinked with the other factors. Special care should also be given to ensure that the flow (or direction) of the arrows is accurate.

Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle diagram - Important diagrams class 9 science

Just like the nitrogen cycle, the carbon cycle is an important biogeochemical cycle. It is required for the survival of all life on earth. From an academic perspective, the carbon cycle is an important topic asked in the exam. Hence, practice the diagram well and ensure that all the factors/ elements are clearly labelled.

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