Biology MCQs

MCQs or multiple choice questions are the best way to analyse one’s knowledge. It contains a question accompanied by four options which are closely related to each other. The students need to select the correct one. This is what helps the students to evaluate their knowledge of the basic concepts. Also, it provides a better understanding of the topic.

Biology MCQs on the BYJU’S website are prepared by our subject experts who have a thorough understanding of biology and related fields. The questions are prepared in such a way that they will be beneficial for competitive examinations as well. A lot of research was carried out to provide the best content possible.

Given below is the list of topics for which the MCQs are provided. The students can select their respective topics by clicking on the link provided.

Molecular Basis of Inheritance MCQs

Biomolecules MCQs

Ecology MCQs

Animal Kingdom MCQs

Plant Kingdom MCQs

Biotechnology MCQs

Genetics MCQs

Human Health and Disease MCQs

Reproduction in Flowering Plan MCQs

Microbes in Human Welfare MCQs

Cell Biology MCQs

Enhancement of Food Production MCQs

Biological Classification MCQs

Reproductive Health MCQs

Plant Anatomy MCQs

Animal Morphology MCQs

Plant Morphology MCQs

Evolution MCQs

Morphology of flowering plants MCQs

Animal Physiology MCQs

Living World MCQs

Human Reproduction MCQs

Human Physiology MCQs

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The assimilatory power required in reduction phase of calvin cycle per one CO2 molecule is ________.