Biology MCQs

MCQs or multiple choice questions is one of the best ways to test your understanding of a concept. These biology MCQs are carefully prepared by our subject-matter experts who have decades of experience. Furthermore, the questions are prepared in such a way that they will be beneficial for competitive examinations as well. The content is updated on a regular basis, with the addition of new topics, more questions and useful links.

Given below is the list of topics in Biology for which the MCQs are provided. The students can select their respective topics by clicking on the link provided.

Biology MCQ

Molecular Basis of Inheritance MCQs Biomolecules MCQs
Ecology MCQs Animal Kingdom MCQs
Plant Kingdom MCQs Biotechnology MCQs
Genetics MCQs Human Health and Disease  MCQs
Reproduction in Flowering Plan MCQs Microbes in Human Welfare MCQs
Cell Biology MCQs Enhancement of Food Production MCQs

Biological Classification MCQs

Reproductive Health MCQs

Plant Anatomy MCQs Animal Morphology MCQs
Plant Morphology MCQs Evolution MCQs
Morphology of flowering plants MCQs Animal Physiology MCQs
Living World MCQs Human Reproduction MCQs
Human Physiology MCQs Photosynthesis MCQs
Nitrogen Cycle MCQs Molecular Biology MCQs
Microbiology MCQs

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