MCQs on Anatomy

1. Which of the following muscles flexes both hip and knee joints?

(a) Sartorius

(b) Biceps femoris

(c) Rectus femoris

(d) Gluteus Maximus

Sol: (a) Sartorius.

2. Which of the following are not the features of cerebellar lesions?

(a) Nystagmus

(b) Intention tremors

(c) Dysdiadochokinesia

(d) The rigidity of voluntary muscles

Sol: (d) Rigidity of voluntary muscles.

3. Which of the following conditions show negative for Trendelenburg’s test?

(a) Fracture neck femur

(b) Dislocation of hip

(c) Paralysis of gluteus maximus

(d) Paralysis of the gluteus medius

Sol: (c) Paralysis of gluteus Maximus.

4. Gyrus occupying Broca’s speech area is called___________.

(a) Superior temporal

(b) Inferior frontal

(c) Middle frontal

(d) Superior frontal

Sol: (b) Inferior frontal.

5. Which of the following structures is likely to get injured when there is a sudden rotation of a semi flexed knee?

(a) Medial meniscus

(b) Anterior cruciate ligament

(c) Lateral meniscus

(d) Posterior cruciate ligament

Sol: (a) Medial meniscus.

6. Which of the following structures are found at the level of the oculomotor nerve nucleus in the midbrain?

(a) Decussation of superior cerebellar

(b) Pretectal nucleus

(c) Substantia nigra

(d) Red nucleus

Sol: (a) Decussation of superior cerebellar.

7. Which of the following is not the components of the superficial perineal pouch?

(a) V. dorsal nerve of the penis

(b) Dorsal artery of penis

(c) Bulbourethral gland

(d) Superior transverse perineal

Sol: (c) Bulbourethral gland.

8. What is an abnormal lateral curvature of the vertebral column known as?

(a) Kyphosis

(b) Scoliosis

(c) Lordosis

(d) Spondylolisthesis

Sol:(b) Scoliosis.

9. The fracture to the neck humerus is caused by _________.

(a) Radial nerve

(b) Ulnar nerve

(c) Median nerve

(d) Axillary nerve

Sol: (d) Axillary nerve.

10. Which of the following muscles do not produce elevation of the scapula?

(a) Serratus anterior

(b) Trapezius

(c) Rhomboids major

(d) Rhomboids minor

Sol: (a) Serratus anterior

11. Which of the following veins are not tributaries of portal vein?

(a) Left gastric

(b) Right gastric

(c) Inferior phrenic

(d) Splenic

Sol: (c) Inferior phrenic

12. Which of the following are not single-gene disorders?

(a) Spina bifida

(b) Haemophilia

(c) sickle cell anaemia

(d) Duchene muscle dystrophy

Sol: (a) Spina bifida.

13. Which of the following nerves are involved in carrying impulses to the pyramidal muscles?

(a) Subcostal nerve

(b) Ilioinguinal nerve

(c) Genitofemoral nerve

(d) Ilio hypogastric nerve

Sol: (a) Subcostal nerve.

14. Cerebellum sends its efferent fibres to ___________.

(a) Thalamus

(b) Red nucleus

(c) Reticular formation

(d) All of the above

Sol: (d) All of the above.

15. Branchial efferent columns in pons innervates muscles of ___________.

(a) Eye

(b) Larynx

(c) Pharynx

(d) Mastication

Sol:(d) Mastication.

16. Conjoint tendon is formed by ___________.

(a) Internal oblique alone

(b) Internal oblique and transversus abdominis

(c) External and internal oblique

(d) External oblique and transversus abdominis

Sol: (b) Internal oblique and transversus abdominals.

17. The second part of the duodenum is developed from___________.

(a) Midgut

(b) Foregut

(c) Both foregut and midgut

(d) Midgut and hindgut

Sol: (c) Both foregut and midgut.

18. Which of the following gland receives secretomotor fibres from pterygopalatine ganglion?

(a) Parotid

(b) Lacrimal

(c) Sublingual

(d) Submandibular

Sol:(b) Lacrimal.

19. Pulsation of the femoral artery can be felt at__________.

(a) The midpoint of the inguinal ligament

(b) Mid inguinal point

(c) 1.5 cm above the mid-inguinal point

(d) 3.8 cm inferolateral to the pubic tubercle

Sol:(b) Mid-inguinal point.

20. The commonest position of the appendix is___________.

(a) Pelvic

(b) Preileal

(c) sub caecal

(d) Retrocaecal

Sol: (d) Retrocaecal.

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