Biology Syllabus


CBSE – Central Board of Secondary Education is India’s standard educational board. This board modifies each syllabus in a required manner. Every year, the CBSE board publishes the new and revised curriculum for every subject and continues modifying the course for students benefits. Along with the syllabus, new marking scheme is also published for all the subjects. The syllabus for different classes and subjects are prepared by the group of several subject experts.

Biology is an important subject which mainly deals with life, living organisms, nature, etc. CBSE Biology has a well-structured syllabus which includes all the essential topics in order to provide a clear idea about the curriculum. Additionally, it provides the best quality of education along with a healthy learning environment. This biology syllabus is freely available online so that students can get help from this syllabus anytime.

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Practise This Question

Weak muscles, pain in the bone and joints, low immunity, poor metabolism are the signs of deficiency of an important nutrient. Choose that nutrient from the options given below.