CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Biology

Every year, the central board of secondary education( CBSE) releases sample question papers for the class 12 and class 10 before the commencement of board exam. With the help of these papers, students could get a clear picture of the latest and previous exam pattern and as to how the exam would be like.

The CBSE sample papers are very much helpful in the preparation of board examination. The class 12 CBSE biology paper provides an idea and pattern of the question paper as well as the marking scheme. In the official website of Central board of secondary examination, students could also download various NCERT question papers and CBSE Question Paper for class 12 along with their marking schemes.

By solving sample papers before you attend any CBSE examination, you would come to know about the pattern of the board exams. These sample question papers are prepared by experienced faculties. From these sample questions, students would get an idea and develop a better way to prepare for the examination. And also, it helps the students in understanding each and every topic clearly.

The question paper pattern for the CBSE class 12 biology subject is given below-

  • There would be around 3 questions with each carrying 5 marks. Each of these 3 questions is said to have an internal choice. And, for each of the question, the choice of topic will be the same.
  • The questions are said to be asked from the chapters like Ecology & Environment, Reproduction, Genetics & Evolution.
  • 1 question would be of four marks. It is a question that is based on value. And there would be no internal choice for this.
  • The three marks questions will be 12 in numbers. It is said to cover all five topics. There is an Internal choice for this.
  • 5 questions of about two marks will be given with an internal choice.
  • There will be Five questions having one mark each. It needs a one-line answer.

For more on details and information about the CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Biology, you can download the PDF which is as in the below-given links for the same.

CBSE Sample Papers For Class 12 Biology

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