CBSE Re-Evaluation for Class XII to End

The Central Board of Secondary Education might put an end to the system of re-evaluation of subject marks from 2017 onwards. Presently the board conducts re-evaluation for students of class XII and only for around 10 subjects that numbers into 250 and only in case of discrepancies as far as marks are considered.

The re-evaluation system has been in place from the year 2014. The reason behind this stance was due to the fact that only few students were complaining regarding this issue and out of them only a few were genuine.

The statistics showed that the re-evaluation requests were only around 1.8 per cent out of the students appeared for class XII exams and out of them only a minority had their requests being genuine.

This was only around 0.05 percent that would be around 500 students according to a CBSE official. As per the official the evaluation system is based on a three-tier process with little room for error. Another reason behind the scraping of re-evaluation is to reduce the burden on conducting the compartment examinations on yearly basis as the re evaluation requests are really low.

The CBSE chairman was of the opinion that the requests provided by students with genuine complaints would be considered by an internal committee which would work for a solution in this regard.

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