Preparation Tips For CBSE Class 12 Physics Board Exam 2018

Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Physics Board Exam 2018

As the final board exams are nearing, students get anxious and tend to lose their focus. This year especially, as per the official notification of the date sheet released by the Central Board of Secondary Education, the Physics exam will be held just a day after the English exam. This means the students get very less hours to revise the subject. Students are advised to prepare accordingly to be well prepared for the Physics board exam. Before we go on few tips that will help in exam preparation for the upcoming Physics board exam, here are important points that should be noted while preparing for your physics board exam.

Important points:

  1. Students should have derivations and its definitions at their fingertips to answer the numericals and reasoning based questions.
  2. Physics Board Exam strictly follow the NCERT Textbook.
  3. The Physics Paper has a mandatory drawing question either of a graph or a device. Students should pay attention to the key features of the diagram to score full marks on this question.
  4. Students should solve previous question papers with a time slot of 3 hours. This will condition the body and mind for the actual examination.

Tips to Prepare for the Exam:

Make A Schedule:

The first and foremost step is to make a proper schedule and stick to it. While making the schedule, take some time to analyze your previous preparation and find out the topics that you are weak and strong in. This will help students to prioritize their preparation during the last minutes. The difficult concepts should be highlighted so that students can revise those concepts quickly.

The schedule should also consist of sufficient breaks and sleep hours included in it to have an active mind to face the exam.

The schedule should be time bound. This will help to create positive pressure in students and help to complete the tasks more effectively.


Attempting a test for each chapter that you have prepared will help you test your level of preparation. This will show how much more preparation is required for the chapter. By doing this, it will help students to evaluate their weaker areas so that they can allot more time to master these concepts.

Students should always remember to clear their doubts with the tutor to have a thorough understanding of the concept.


Revision is the most important part in physics as the students have to deal with a lot of formulas and units. For the physics board exam, revision should be done at regular intervals like every four hours to have a fresh understanding of these formulas and units. This will help to retain these formulas and units for a longer duration of time.

Once a chapter is completed, it is better to revise that chapter first before moving onto the next chapter. This will help in having a strong foundation in the subject as the topics are interrelated.

Sequence of chapters:

For the physics board exam, chapters like Communication, Electromagnetic waves and Semiconductors are completely theoretical and hence, students can score more in these chapters. Average students should focus more on studying these chapters first before moving onto chapters like Nuclei, Atom, Optics, Dual Nature and then part – 1

Topics to Focus:

Definitions, derivations, units and statements.

Devices: Galvanometer, Cyclotron, Potentiometer, Transformer, Meter Bridge and AC generator

Instruments: Astronomical telescope, Compound microscope.

Practice Sample Papers:

Practicing CBSE sample papers for Class 12 is a must. A minimum of six years sample papers and previous years question papers should be practiced. This will help students in understanding the pattern of the examination as well as the type of questions asked in the board examination.

During the exam, utilize the question paper reading time to decide the sequence of questions that you are going to follow. It is advised that the students first start with the 5 mark questions.

These were few preparation tips to be followed during the last minute preparation of the Physics Board exam.

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